Monday, 10 February 2014

berat di bulan FEB

mule2 nak tayang berat badan aku nie..
mak aiiiiiiiikk

memang sangat obes nie...kena lah dengan segala usaha yang ada..tahan nafsu makan
kena rajin bersenam

meh kire BMI nyer pulak

BMI Calculator

Leave Weight field empty if you want to find the ideal weight for your height
Height:  (in cm)
Weight:  (in Kg)
Your BMI is 270.98. =
Pre-obese25.00 - 29.99

The body mass index formula is:
BMI = Weight (in kg)/ Height (in m)2
WHO Classification of adult underweight, overweight and obesity according to BMI
ClassificationCut-off points BMI(kg/m2)
Severe thinness<16.00
Moderate thinness16.00 - 16.99
Mild thinness17.00 - 18.49
Normal range18.50 - 24.99
Pre-obese25.00 - 29.99
Obese class I30.00 - 34.99
Obese class II35.00 - 39.99
Obese class III>=40.00

hah...siap lah ko.....kena tingkat kan usaha lagi nie

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